The Techni Cam

Cranial Access System

The indications for skull burr-holes include insertion of intra-cranial bolts, insertion of exterior ventricular drains(ventriculostomies) , insertion of ventricular catheters for shunts , drainage of chronic subdural haematomas and access for brain biopsies. Burr-holes have been traditionally performed either by using air-powered drills or by hand using a brace, perforator and spherical burr. Recently the demand for cranial access via burr-holes has increased due to the application of monitoring probes, (intra-cranial) pressure transducers, oxygen and multi-parameter sensors and micro-dialysis catheters, and the increasing use of external ventricular drains in patients with head injury and subarachnoid haemorrhage. Traditionally, burr-holes have been performed in the operating theatre. By undertaking them on the intensive care unit, however, the complications of transferring the patient to the operating theatre can be avoided.

Technicam have therefore developed a new cranial access system designed to simplify burr-holes, and facilitate the insertion of monitoring probes and external ventricular drains for use in the intensive care unit or the operating theatre - the Technicam Cranial Access System.

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