Cranial Access Device Set
Model - MDCD3001/A

Indication: transmission of monitoring probes - intra-cranial pressure (ICP) transducers, multiparameter sensors and micro-dialysis catheters - into the cerebral parenchyma. The Technicam Cranial Access Device is a complete MRI compatible triple divergent lumen access device for the transmission of intracerebral probes. The device includes adaptors for each type of probe and microdialysis catheters to sample grey or white matter.

Sterilisation: pre-packaged and sterilised by g radiation.


Kit Components

1 x Cranial Access Device
Triple Lumen

3 x Luer-Lok Fittings and Caps

2 x Microdialysis Adaptors

1 x Tuohy Borst Adaptor

1 x Spanner